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Monuments and Memorials  Great shots of the gravesite, and proposed new location (near the flagpole) Courtesy of George at

Highlights of NPR interview with Dr. Bellantoni

  • Pictures captured from Google Earth:
  • A Visit to the Leatherman’s Gravesite

Many people have asked if I’ve been to the gravesite myself, and for some reason, I never had.  Maybe it was because I had never felt overly compelled to see it, the stories and legends were enough.  Maybe it was something else…  So, we took a family road-trip to check it out.  It really was exactly like all the pictures I had seen, except for the snow and ice that was covering it.   The one thing that really struck me as odd though, was the Route 9 access road that runs right up alongside the stone.  I knew it was there, but after standing at the grave, I am now convinced that the Rt 9 access road is a safety issue.  It might sound like I’m flip-flopping,  but hear me out.

I will never stand in the way of public safety. To that end, I believe it should be noted that by moving the Leatherman’s gravesite, and memorializing him in a “safer” place that can be promoted as a tourist destination, the increased traffic to the cemetery will mean more people may actually be being put in harm’s way should the RT 9 access road continue to stay in use.  In addressing one public safety issue (the location of his grave in relation to the access road), a new one will be created due to more people using this unsafe access road.  I’m not alone in my deeming of the access road as unsafe.  In the court documents, a traffic consultant submitted an affidavit which gives extensive proof of the dangers inherent in the current position and structure of this road. (Notice-of- Petition, Exhibit 2)

On the way there, I saw some beautiful four to six foot high stone walls marking property lines along RT 9.  I believe blocking off the Rt 9 access road in the Leatherman’s corner with something similar and strictly using Revolutionary Road for public access would vastly improve the safety of ALL visitors to the cemetery.

Could it also it also mean that the Leatherman’s final resting place could remain undisturbed?


  • Quick look at the detailed description of the forensic testing at the heart of the debate
  • Quick look at Traffic Consultants findings about the unsafe nature of the current access road (driveway)  Driveway Affidavit
  • Quick look at abbreviated version the original petition to court with explanation of project Petition Abbreviated
  • Video from NH Register Article:

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