Poll Anomoly?

Today Jan 5, in a span of just over one minute, between 5:49 and 5:51 p.m. 13 votes were cast in favor of the research project, almost doubling the # of votes in favor of digging up the Leatherman and performing research on his remains.

They all came from one unique IP address and service provider

I had hesitated in locking an IP address once someone had voted from it because I thought maybe two or three members of the same household might want to vote, and I have been tracking both yes and no votes to be sure this poll maintained its validity.   Until tonight, I feel it has.  I have now changed the polls setting to avoid the vote/refresh/vote/refresh option.    I have strived to maintain an open, honest presence, and pledge to continue to do so.


BTW – The Waterbury Republican-American Poll only allowed one vote per visitor.               Results were 225-27 in favor of LEAVING HIM ALONE

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