Q & A with the Research Team *UPDATE*

I have received detailed responses from Dr. Nick Bellantoni, CT State archaologist,  to many of the questions I sent last Monday, Jan 3.  His responses are thorough, and he is open to further communication.   I shared with him that if I were in favor of their project, I would be glad to know that he was involved.  He clarified #5 for me almost immediately when I responded to him.  I have only had personal contact with one other member of the team mentioned in the court documents (which may not currently be an an accurate list, see #4) She did not know any details, or the Leatherman’s story, and directed me to Dr. Bellantoni.  I believe this is a great start, and am hoping for more responses like these to answer all of the remaining questions. My resolve remains unfettered, and my position unchanged, but please read for yourself, and share your thoughts.

His responses can be found in the  Q & A Tab .

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