While We Wait…What’s Next?

So,  while we await the announcement of what was found during the exhumation, I started  wondering,  “What’s next?”   In the scenario that enough usable organic material is taken to be able to perform DNA testing, then:

Will the data from the testing be in the public domain, or privately held?

If privately held:

  1.  Would the owners consider keeping the data unpublished until a potential “heir” came forward with substantial proof that they were indeed related to the “Old Leather Man”?
  2. Will the data be made available to any interested party for independent  research? 
  3. Where will the data be stored? (Digital genealogical database, filing cabinet at the OHS, other? )

The alternate scenario of finding no organic material to test makes all these questions a moot point.  Of course, it’s the one I’m hoping for.   But all I can do until Wednesday, is think back to that famous Geraldo Rivera  T.V. special with my fingers crossed.

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