This is an archived list of the “Leatherman Quote of the Day”  posts I’ve been sending out via our Facebook Group status updates.  They are also under the discussion topic “Quotes” on our Facebook Page.

In order, updated weekly:

“MacDonald said The History Channel has expressed interest in documenting the undertaking, but the details have yet to be finalized. He said the exact date when they will begin digging will be kept private to avoid too much media attention.” – Waterbury Republican-American  November 29, 2010

” …if it (his gravesite) is moved and Connecticut archaeologist Dr. Nicholas Bellantoni could obtain a wisdom tooth from his remains, researchers could determine his ancestry.” – From April 10 2010 Housatonic Times

“…it further appearing that there is no evidence that the deceased had religious or moral beliefs in opposition to the relief requested by the petitioner…” – Quote from the Judge’s ruling permitting the removal of Leatherman’s remains from Nov 2010

“When it is remembered that the old fellow has a horror of photographers, and indeed, of anyone who seeks information, the difficulty of getting a desirable photograph of him will be realized.” -New Haven Evening Register, June 11,1885

“…He conversed for a short time with Mrs. Benedict in French, until she asked him of his antecedents and then he became suddenly and stubbornly silent…” – Evening News Friday, January 25, 1889

“…Concerted action seems now about to be taken to unravel the many years’ mystery of his wandering, if not his life. This bodes ill for the old man’s peace of mind, and some think it will drive him out of the state to die, perhaps in a strange territory.” – New York Times, August 15, 1884

“…He is a devout Catholic and observes the tenets of the church as far as he is able.” – New York Times, Sunday, October 4, 1885

“Leave the Weatherman Alone!!!” – My Friend Steve B. 12/18/2010 after I complained about the all the hype for a snowstorm we are not getting. (I have pledged to reserve 5 minutes each Saturday for some Leatherman Levity)

“It is said he is doing a penance for some real or imaginary sin committed in his youthful days…It seems a pity that any persons religious belief should force them to wear a suit of leather in such hot weather…”
Penny Press, Aug 15 1885

“He will eat no meat on Fridays, and during the Lenten season he always kneels while partaking of his frugal meals.”   Peekskill Blade, October 1885

“There is one wanderer, often seen in these regions, over whose history hangs a mist which curiousity has never been able to penetrate. Summer and winter his costume consists of a suit of leather.”  CT Valley Advertiser, April 3, 1875

The old leatherman passed through this village recently…in possession of a large box, which it is presumed he intends to keep and use for a Christmas box.”       Bristol Weekly Press, March 27, 1884

“…a New York museum is willing to take the old man, providing he is in good health and would exhibit himself for a large salary annually.”     Penny Press, Wednesday, December 12, 1888

“…The Globe Museum have…tried to induce the old man…to exhibit himself before that museum’s patron’s. All efforts in that direction, however, proved futile. But when a few month’s ago, death stopped the old man’s wanderings; the next step was taken, and with flattering success.                                                                                 From A Globe Museum Booklet, describing the “Remarkable, realistic, life-like exhibit” of the Leatherman’s articles, including his 60 lb suit.

“..Petitioner requests an order permitting…a CT Scan of the skull for the purposes of three-dimensional imaging of the cranio-facial features for a reconstruction of the Decedent’s face…”
From “Notice of Petition” Page 4, Filed 10/14/2010

“…Sitting before the glowing fire snug within our wayside cottage, we look out upon the bleak and stormy reaches espyng but one moving object swarthy and uncouth against the white snow-the Leatherman”
New Haven Daily Palladium, New Year’s Eve 1884

“…a day’s journey was rewarded by seeing him steal into an outhouse at night. Pretending that it was an accident meeting, I joined him.”
Deep River New Era, Friday, November 2, 1883
(Editorial note: I guess some people in his day did go to extreme lengths to get info from him)

“It’s ironic that while this man was alive he spent so many years existing in a self-imposed underground and now that he’s at peace, underground, some want to raise him aboveground…”
Jan 1, 2011 Guestbook visitor “Rhone” on Leavetheleathermanalone.com

“Map the Leatherman’s footprints, not his DNA!!!”  Me – Today 1/3/2011

From an article titled:
“The man finds his only enjoyment in his absolutely free life…And if he prefers to trudge on to the last and then lie down and die by himself as he has lived, who should interfere?”
Hartford Courant, Thursday, October 11, 1888

“…I know about a man to whom I may be related, he’s leatherman.
Died a long time ago in the 1880’s…leatherman, leatherman”
From Pearl Jam song “Leatherman” B-Side to “Given to Fly” 1998

“OK, make his gravesite safe, but don’t dismantle the man”                                                Uncle Justin  1/6/2011

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