Activism Now!

What can I do to support the effort to LEAVE THE LEATHERMAN ALONE!!!!?

1.  Contact the Research Team It appears that they think this movement is about stopping the project completely, which is NOT the case.  Let them know that it is the intrusive nature of the forensic and DNA testing of the Leatherman’s remains that is the real issue, and that part should be re-considered.

  • Ossining Historical Society (They also have a facebook page, but please note:  Their facebook page is their property, and is for sharing Historical Society information. Included are two posts they have allowed involving the Leatherman Project.   You can show your support by simply clicking like at the top of the page, and then again next to those comments that you agree with.)
  • Dan Deluca, the leading authority on the Old Leatherman
  • Dr. Nick Bellantoni, CT State Archaeologist

2. Raise awareness: In the 4 months that I have been at this, the ratio of people supporting our stance stands at 83% to 17%.  Permission to dig him up was granted because it was in the “public’s best interest”.  People need to be informed that the researchers believe the public’s interests are being served, when in fact, public opinion strongly favors leaving him alone, especially when it comes to the forensic testing.  Time is of the essence,  ACT NOW!

  • New visitors, please vote in the poll to the right
  • Join our facebook group, and go to our facebook site and click “like”
  • Download printable flyers and sticker sheets and put them up (with permission, of course) in public places, like deli’s, convenience stores, bars/etc.   A package of 10 full sheet labels at walmart cost me $4.44, so I got 30 stickers from one package.  A bunch of friends have already taken them. and even put them in/on their cars!
  • Contact local media outlets and direct them to this site
  • Download and read the Court Documents.  Lots of interesting stuff in there!
  • Write letters to the editor of local papers.
  • Post a link to this site on any forum you believe it may be appropriate (please do not post to Leatherman’s Loop facebook page – their page is strictly about their trail race)
  • Contact local Historical Societies and Libraries
  • “Talk it up” among friends, family and colleagues
  • Contact Us  with other suggestions and ideas

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