What This Leatherman Site Is (and isn’t)

If you’ve stumbled onto this site when your curiousity was peaked by a story about an old man dressed head to toe in Leather who wandered around CT and NY for decades while never speaking, then we have something in common.  I must issue you a friendly warning however, the more you try to know about Ol’ Leathery, the more you realize you may never know, but that’s what has kept me and countless others coming back to his unique story year after year, for well over a century now.

So as you browse this site, you are seeing the archived work the “Leave the Leatherman Alone Movement” that took place from November 2010 to June 2011.  Many people from all over the world got caught up in the most recent wave of “Leatherman Mania”.  Unfortunately, the blog got hacked recently, and as a result, all comments have now vanished, without a trace…

So for the time being,  I’m letting the site remain as a sort of time-capsule of the events of that time period surrounding the controversial decision to try to find out more about the Leatherman by unearthing his remains.  That’s what the saying “Leave the Leatherman Alone” alone was all about.   The controversy came and went, just as he did, and the movement to “Leave Him Alone”, became just another footnote in his legendary tale.

Buried within this site, are lots of great resources, and info about the Leatherman, so I encourage you to explore and see what all the fuss was about back in the Winter and Spring of 2011…and beyond.

But keep in mind, once you start, you may find, like me, that it is almost impossible to just “Leave the Leatherman Alone”

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