In The Public’s Best Interest?

One of the main reasons I originally started this site was to find out how the public felt about the idea of exhuming and studying the Old Leatherman’s remains.  After three months, and extensive coverage in the local media in which both sides were able to express their views, it is clear that the informed public has some pretty strong feelings about this project moving forward as planned.  In the three public polls that have been conducted, the totals show that 83% favor “Leaving him alone”  Here are the details:

Dec. 27, 2010 Waterbury Republican-American Poll (Both sides interviewed)                      Total Votes:  252.     Leave him alone: 225 (89%)   Exhume and study: 27 (11%)

Jan 4, 2011 Meriden Record-Journal Poll (Research Team interviewed)                             Total Votes: 162.  Leave him alone: 127 (78%)  Exhume and study:  35 (22%)

December 6, 2010 – February 26, 2011 “Leatherman poll” on this site (public)                 Total Votes 500.  Leave him alone: 404 (81%)  Exhume and study: 96 (19%)

Combined total of the three polls:

Total Votes 914.  Against: 756 (83%)  In favor:  158 (17%)

Granted, polls such as these are non-scientific and their validity can be challenged.  I doubt we are going to get the question on a statewide referendum in CT and NY, but I am comfortable saying at the very least, a trend emerged.  So, I’ve also included links to online articles posted since November 29th 2010, and reading through the public’s comments, the same trend  toward the majority being in  favor of “Leaving him alone” is apparent.

“Public health and safety”, and “…to promote the public interest in historical and geneological matters”, are the basis for which the order for exhumation and testing were granted.  The public’s best interests were used to justify the exhumation, and also forensic testing, yet the public was not part of the discussion before the petition was filed.

So my question is, to what extent is the team now willing to listen to the public, whose interests they are serving, and adapt their plans to take the public’s opinion into consideration?

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